Atlantic Students of Color


Formed in 2016 by Mika Wiley, Alexis Cofield, and Andrea Granera. Atlantic Students of Color is an affinity group within the Atlantic Acting School dedicated to empowering students of color by providing a space in which they can be fully heard and ensure their voices are fully represented within Atlantic. The group hosts meetings weekly and consistently checks in with Atlantic and New York University administrators in order to continue work on improving conditions for students of color within the institution.

The current leadership team is:
Mika Wiley, Director
Epiphany Samuels, Director of Student Life
Ishan McCarthy, Secretary

Asian American Script Lab


Founded by Nivedita Kulkarni, the Asian American Script Lab is script reviewing service dedicated to only scripts that feature Asian American leads. Mika Wiley worked here as a tech assistant to Ms. Kulkarni, helping to build the website and manage online organization.